Belkyra (also known as Kybella in the United States) is a revolutionary non-surgical injectable option to treat submental (under the chin) fat, effectively eliminating a double chin. It is the first and only non-surgical FDA and Health Canada approved treatment to address submental fat.

Mechanism: Deoxycholic acid injections (a substance our bodies produce naturally) focally dissolve fat cells.
Procedure Time: 15-30 minutes
Number of Treatments: 1-4 treatments one month apart, depending on the volume of the submental fat
Onset of Action: Results are typically seen within 2-3 months
Duration: Results are expected to be long-term

Cosmetic Indications:

-Double Chin
-Bra fat
-Abdomen fat
-Knee fat

Actual patients, before and after Belkyra. Image credit Allergan.